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PT ISIM freeView Sensor includes third-party software, which is the subject of intellectual property rights of such third parties. The right to use such third-party software is granted by respective license agreements included in PT ISIM freeView Sensor.

The DPI module included in PT ISIM freeView Sensor can analyze and generate decoded events for the following protocols: IEC 61850 MMS, Siemens S7 (STEP7), IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus TCP, Profinet DCP, CIP (EtherNet/IP), Spabus, OPC DA, FTP, Telnet, DHCP, ARP, TFTP, DNS, ICMP, HTTP, SNMP. Besides, use of the following protocols is detected: BITCOIN, BITTORRENT, DNP3, IMAP, IRC, JSON/RPC, LLMNR, MOXACMD, NBNS, NFS, NTP, POP3, RADMIN, RDP, RFB, RTSP, SIP, SMB, SMTP, SOCKS5, SSH, TLS, ZABBIX. Other unknown protocols are registered as connections over TCP or UDP.

PT ISIM freeView Sensor is distributed as a virtual machine image, and the only way to update this database is to install a new virtual machine image. The commercial editions of the product allow you to update the database of incident detection rules while keeping user settings and data

We do not undertake to regularly update PT ISIM freeView Sensor, but we plan to enhance its functionality with new features from commercial editions whenever possible. On the product registration page, enter your email address so that we can notify you when a new version of PT ISIM freeView Sensor is released.

PT ISIM freeView Sensor does not provide such functionality. You can use the commercial editions of the product to create custom incident detection rules.

All previously unknown nodes are marked as unauthorized. If a node is trusted, you can authorize it so that interaction with it is not considered as an incident. When you first log in to PT ISIM, learning mode is automatically turned on. In learning mode, all discovered nodes and connections are considered authorized. We recommend you to turn off learning mode after PT ISIM discovers all nodes of the industrial network, so that a new node or connection is considered as an incident.

We encourage you to provide information about the bugs that you find by writing to us at ptisim@ptsecurity.com or on the forum at www.isim.pt.

The PT ISIM freeView Sensor User Guide contains basic instructions on how to set up and use the product. If you cannot find an answer to your question in the documentation, you can ask it on the forum at https://www.isim.pt/, but mind that Positive Technologies does not undertake to provide technical support for PT ISIM freeView Sensor.

We strongly advise you against setting the system time back on the virtual or host machine as it may lead to the licensing mechanism blocking the main functions of the product.

You must import the virtual machine image again.

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