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PT ISIM freeView Sensor is supplied as an OVA image of a virtual machine. Other editions of PT ISIM are supplied as software and hardware appliances. That is why this is impossible.

For PT ISIM freeView Sensor operation, you must enable traffic mirroring for all monitored ports of all network switches. This can be done using the SPAN, RSPAN, and Port Mirroring technologies on switches or using separate mirroring TAP devices. Depending on the network architecture and the required level of centralization, additional changes to the existing network infrastructure or additional aggregating devices may be needed.

The OVA image of PT ISIM freeView Sensor includes three virtual machine configurations:

  • Minimum configuration for evaluation and testing purposes: 2 CPUs and 6,144 MB of RAM
  • Acceptable configuration for analyzing traffic at a rate of up to 60 Mbps: 4 CPUs and 8,192 MB of RAM
  • Recommended configuration for analyzing traffic at a rate of up to 100 Mbps: 8 CPUs and 16,384 MB of RAM

When your virtual machine is started, its basic parameters (amount of RAM, disk space, number of cores, and CPU frequency) and recommendations on using traffic based on these parameters are displayed in the command-line interface. If the parameters of your virtual machine are lower than the minimum configuration of the image, an "Insufficient system resources" incident is recorded in PT ISIM freeView Sensor.

To use the product's web interface, Google Chrome 65 or later or Mozilla Firefox 58 or later are recommended.

In addition to the virtual machine image, you must also have a hypervisor to import the image, a license to activate the product, and a connection to the source from which a copy of ICS traffic is received. For detailed installation instructions, see PT ISIM freeView Sensor User Guide. We strongly recommend you to read the guide carefully before installing the product. Experience shows that most problems can be avoided if you follow the guide.

A connection to the Internet is not required for PT ISIM freeView Sensor operation.

No, PT ISIM freeView Sensor analyzes a copy of ICS network traffic. The virtual machine firewall is configured to prohibit any outgoing traffic.

PT ISIM freeView Sensor is supplied as a virtual machine image and can be deployed under any operating system supporting hypervisors that allow importing OVA images (Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware Workstation).

The list of authorized and unauthorized external media is regulated by your internal documents. PT ISIM can create an incident when new external media is discovered. This feature is included in the commercial editions of the product.

PT ISIM freeView Sensor collects and stores data on network interactions between network nodes. PT ISIM freeView Sensor runs locally and does not require a connection to the Internet. PT ISIM freeView Sensor stores data on the network, but access to this data is protected by authentication systems.

No, PT ISIM freeView Sensor does not send data anywhere.