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PT ISIM is primarily designed for telecommunications networks based on Ethernet. Cases when the whole infrastructure of a plant, even the operator layer, are based on RS-485 are extremely rare. Today RS-485 networks have some significant limitations on the network bandwidth and size. Using only RS-485 is not a protection against basic vulnerabilities of protocols in use. The number of such networks is constantly decreasing in favor of industrial Ethernet.

PT ISIM has wider functionality than Snort: is oriented to behavior analysis based on correlations and a network model. Another important feature of PT ISIM is its simple and user-friendly interface that provides the functions of monitoring, inventory, and investigation. The PT ISIM distribution kit also includes the PT ISTI expert knowledge base that contains information about threats to industrial security. The knowledge base is constantly updated by Positive Technologies specialists who have expertise both in network technologies and ICSs.

According to the concept of defense in depth, AV software must not be the only protection tool. AV software is not designed to protect and monitor network infrastructure. If legitimate commands of industrial protocols are used to attack, AV software is also useless. PT ISIM can serve as an additional protection tool to detect virus activity in network traffic.

The license agreement does contain any restrictions on the fields in which the product may be used. However, PT ISIM is primarily designed for industrial networks with static IP addressing. Some of the PT ISIM features, learning mode in particular, are not designed for dynamic IP addressing usually used in enterprise networks.

PT ISIM is designed for any industries and facilities where industrial protocols and equipment are used.

It depends on the network bandwidth, network equipment in use, and the structure of the network. PT ISIM can be used as a single sensor (with RSPAN used and low volumes of traffic) and as a horizontally distributed system with a sensor installed for each industrial facility.

Interlocks and alarms from an ICS and other applied network events specific to a facility can be detected by the commercial PT ISIM proView edition.

PT ISIM freeView Sensor is not a demo or trial edition of the product. The license allows you to install and use it absolutely free of charge for an unlimited time.

It does not cost anything. PT ISIM freeView Sensor is a free edition.

The PT ISIM freeView Sensor license validity period is not limited. When you accept the license agreement, you get the right to use the product for as long as you like.

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